Annual Registration Form

Six Reasons to Have an Active Homeowners’ Association
Township article

  1. The Township will maintain the records of the association and list its officers.
  2. The Township will notify the Association’s Building Plans Chairman or President of any matter coming before the Zoning Board of Appeals or Planning Commission that may be related to the subdivision.
  3. The Township will give the Association’s contact information to new residents who have questions regarding the school district, rules and regulations, by-laws and deed restrictions, and lake access and privileges.
  4. The Township will provide an email address for the Building Plans Chairman, President or Association, which will ensure faster notifications than the postal system.
  5. Homeowner associations may use the Township auditorium at no cost for meetings held Wednesday – Sunday.
  6. If an Association has a website, it can be linked to the Township’s website.
Name of Organization
President Name:
President Address:
President Email:
President Phone:
Secretary Name:
Sec. Phone:
Sec. Email:
Treasurer Name:
Treasurer Phone:
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UHOA Representative
Rep. Email:
Number of active members
Website URL
Your organization annual dues
Treasurer Address:
The member organization is requested to complete this form at the beginning of each year, or at the conclusion of your annual election, allowing UHOA to stay current on any change of officers. 
Should you have any questions regarding this form, or any other questions or concerns, please contact us HERE.
It is suggested that while completing this e-form, to take a minute to fill out  the Township Clerks on-line registration form allowing them to contact you for future alerts and notices.

All homeowner associations are encouraged to register themselves annually with the Township's Clerks office using a convenient online form. - - HERE
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