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Our special mIssion for 2020 will be hosing various speakers addressing the issues of  the new 5G technology.
Birmingham Wants Health Study on 5G
Followg residents concerns regarding the installation of 5G technologies in the public right-of-way and questions regarding the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulation and oversight - - - - more

We are pleased to announce that Doug Ashley has joined the UHOA Board of Directors.  His experience as a renowned photojournalist will prove to be of great value to our group.

Under Chairman Pai, the FCC is pursuing a comprehensive strategy to Facilitate America's Superiority in 5G Technology (the 5G FAST Plan). The Chairman's strategy includes three key components: (1) pushing more spectrum into the marketplace; (2) updating infrastructure policy; and (3) modernizing outdated regulations.
"Forward-thinking spectrum policy, modern infrastructure policy, and market-based network regulation form the heart of our strategy for realizing the promise of the 5G future." – FCC Chairman Pai

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Federal Communications Commission
​Doug Kwiakowski offered a graphic presentation geared to a non-technical audience.  The presentation took the viewer from the early days of wireless up and through the next 5G phase.         
The full presentation is available for viewing              HERE.


The UHOA board of directors welcomed Doug Ashley as a new director filling the unexpired term of John Wargelin.
With a full compliment of directors, elections where held for the officer staff positions.  Richard Moxley was  unamimously elected president, Harry Jones as Vice-President, Mike Smith as Secretary and Bill Berndt as Treasurer.  Dave MacInnes will continue in the position of Communications Secretary.  Leslie Echols and Doug Ashley will serve as directors.

UHOA began with Doug Kwiatkowsik from KLA Labs,i as the first  guest speaker at this years re-schuled  annual membership meeting on Feburry 22nd, 2020 at the Township Senior Center.

UHOA member organization is again sponsoring the Pancake Dash.  An fun event held annually to benefit the Eastover and East Hills schools.  There will be a 5K and a 1 mile walk/run, followed by a pancake breakfast and prizes/awards for top finishers.

This event is open to all comers.

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I tried 5G. It will change your life — if you can find it
​Story by Samantha Murphy Kelly, CNN Business
Video by Moss Cohen and Sofia Barrett, CNN Business

UHOA Offers Free Trail Membership 
The UHOA has created a membershio level called 'Associate Member'. This 1-year trail membership allows one to evaluate the benefits of membership at no cost.  To learn more, contact us by email  here
UHOA Dues is Still
Best Deal in Town
For those members that take advantage in participating in the D&O Master Liability Policy are able to save more than $400/year in insurance premimums, over single payer rates.  The average cost of UHOA dues is $60/year.  That's a windfall of $340, or more, per year.  To learn more contact us HERE

In the near future the UHOA will also present  Mike Watza, an attorney with the firm of Kitch, Drutchas, Wanerm, Valitutti & Sherbrook.  Mike will be addressing the issues surrounding the possible invasion of individual property rights and the lack of proper compension paid by the inducstry providers. ​​

What does 5G offer that 4G doesn’t?
The UHOA  says goodbye and Thank You to an old friend, John Wargelin. After many years of serving on the Board of Directors, John announced he can no longer serve due to moving from the township.