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Full Membership
Annual Dues Rate Schedule

Number of Resident Members

50 or less

51 to 75

76 to 100

101 to 125

126 to 150

151 to 175

176 to 200

200 above
First Year Annual Dues  -  None

In 2018 the UHOA adopted the position of
Associate Member with the waiver of all dues or assessments.  This new classification was initiated as an 1-year introduction period to UHOA. .  The Associate member has the full rights of a Full Member with the exception of participation in group discounts or participating on the board of directors.  The Associate may convert to a full member at anytime during the trail period.








Payment Policy

Delinquent Payment

If dues remain delinquent for a period of 60 days or more, such individual Association shall be deemed to have forfeited its voting rights and right to sit on the Board of Directors.

Dues Payment Schedule

The Full Member dues are payable on or before January 1.  Dues are not refundable.  For those members that participate in the Officer/Director Liability Master Policy must have paid their dues before they are eligible to participate in the insurance group discount. 
Membership Benefits

Officer/Director Liability Insurance Coverage

Each member in good standing is entitled to participate in the UHOA Master Director/OfficerLiability Policy yeilding a substantial discount over individual liability premium rates.
Educational  |  Informational

The UHOA provides to its' members work shops and seminars dealing with germain topics of the day.  In addition, we maintain the largest library of Association materials, both in text and video format.