About UHOA




Our current mission  is to provide a resource to our members in terms of a dynamic library which is being suplimented with helpful publications and articles directed to the formation and operation of various associations. 

Our Latest Misson

To provide qualified guest speakers on topics germain to the township lifestyle.  Our present topic is examining the fact and rumors of the 5G technology and how it will affect our community.

It is our intent to continue our eduation efforts for our members in the operation of successful homewoner and condo associations.  Also to sponsor dialog on topics of interest to our membership.  

Over the past years the UHOA has sponsored a number of speakers to inform our membeership on local and state issues that impacted our lives and community.  It is the intent to continue this tradition.


David littman
Mackinac Center of Public Policy

Leo Savoie
Township Supervisor

Christine Tvaroha
Senior Center Director

Art Aisner
Editor of Patch

Leslie Helwig'
Township commicaton Director

David Hieber
Evaluation Manager-Oakland County

Dr. Vickie Markavitch
Superintendent of OC School District

Anthony Long

Bobert Meisner

Pete Matejcik
Community LiaisonOfficer

Tim Emeigh
O.C. Road Communication

Marcia Gershenson

Paul Secrest

Shelly goodman Taub

Al Zaparackas

Bill Griffin
Bllomfield Twp. Assessing Dept.

Mark Metsleer
Oakland County

Kyle Lewis
Jonston Lewis Associates

Capt. Chris Whitehead
Township Fire Dept.
Operations Officer


It is the intent of the UHOA to sponsor a series of speakers having a variety of disicliplines, to speak to the benefits and concerns of the new technology.  These sessions can be viewed by either attending scheduled meetings, or viewing scheduled broadcasts on BTTV, or by streaming a video from this website.  Bulletings will be sent to members to inform of its availability.
First Speaker in the series
Doug Kwiatkowski
Director of Wireless Solutions at KLA Labs.  He has been in this business for over 30 years and is uniquely qualified to lecture on the ins and outs of wireless and how it can benefit communities without being a hindrance or obtrusive.  His presentation was give at the UHOA annual meeting on Feb. 22nd.  The full presentation may be viewed        here.
Speaker in the series
Mike Watza, Attorney
 with the firm of Kitch, Drutchas, Wagner, Valitutti & Sherbrook.  Michaels practice provides litigated, legislative adn regulatory solutions on behalf of municipal, health care and private sector clients concerning legisoation, complex litigation, governance issues, telecommunications including cable and cell towers, energy and insurance.
Additional speakers will be annouced over the first half of 2020.